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Released May 26, 2017 on innova Recordings


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"Histories" Album Review, Second Inversion

"Vastek’s fingers fly through the rapturous piano solo with passion and profound tenderness, almost as though the melodies were born in her bones."

"In just under an hour, she travels from Indian ragas on a just-intoned piano to an immersive exploration of the overtone series, and all the way through to Cage’s prepared piano and pedal-laced dreamscapes."

"The result is both an homage to Vastek’s own individual histories but also a beautiful mosaic of the larger cultural intersections of our world—and how we weave those histories together through music."

Full review can be found here

"Histories" Album Review, Kathodik

"L’eternità può assumere molteplici forme: l’esplorazione di questo apparente paradosso è la sfida raccolta da questo Cd Innova, che vede per protagonista Sophia Subbayya Vastek al pianoforte."

"Eternity can take many forms: the exploration of this apparent paradox is the challenge gathered by this innova CD, which sees Sophia Subbayya Vastek as the protagonist at the piano." 

Full review can be found here (in Italian)