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Solo Programs

Programs are roughly 60-70 minutes with talking.  

The View from Here
(A sprinkling of the Baroque through to the present)

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre - Harpsichord Suites, selections
Lili Boulanger - Trois Morceaux
Nadia Boulanger - Vers la vie Nouvelle
Linda Catlin Smith - The View from Here
Sarah Kirkland Snider - The Currents
Germaine Tailleferre - Pastorale
Germaine Tailleferre - Impromptu
Teresa Carreno - Un reve en mer
Julia Wolfe - Compassion
Kate Moore - Sliabh Beagh 

In a Landscape
(Selections from my album “Histories”, as well as other favorites.  A beautiful, all acoustic program with works that meld classical Indian and Western traditions, alongside the mysticism of Arvo Part and John Cage.)

Asha Srinivasan - Mercurial Reveries
Michael Harrison - Hijaz Prelude
Michael Vincent Waller - Early Night (premiered)
Michael Harrison - Jaunpuri
John Cage - In a Landscape
Reena Esmail - Rang de Basant
Arvo Part - Pari Intervallo

Tabula Rasa
(All acoustic, celebrating the joy of travel, landscapes, and American composers)

Meredith Monk - Railroad (Travel Song)
Meredith Monk - Window in 7’s
Nico Muhly - A Hudson Cycle
Sam Torres - Tabula Rasa (commissioned, premiered)
Michael Harrison - Kind of Glass
Philip Glass - Mad Rush
Margaret Bonds - Troubled Water


The Electric Piano
(A high-energy, electroacoustic program - requires a sound system and audio engineer)

Donnacha Dennehy - Stainless Staining
Austin O'Rourke - Hazel Colored Nebula
Kate Moore - Sensitive Spot
David Ibbett - Music of Reality (commissioned, premiered)
Chris Cerrone - Hoyt-Schermerhorn

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