Next Up: MIT on 11/17/17

Next up: I'm very much looking forward to performing on the next Music of Reality event at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Nov. 17.  This program has been a very close collaboration with MIT scientist Irmgard Bischofberger, whose excitement and curiosity is contagious!  I've programmed "The Currents" by Sarah Kirkland Snider, a new piece for me that I'm falling more and more in love with as I get deeper into it.  The title of Sarah's work comes from Unremembered, a cycle of poems by Nathaniel Bellows --

But like the hidden current
somewhere undersea
you caused the most upheaval
on the other side of me.

The piece portrays the underlying emotional currents which ebb and flow beneath the surface, emerge unannounced, and shape us.  In this event, Irmgard will be discussing her research on pattern formations (the gorgeous video footage above is from her lab).  I see a synergy between Irmgard's research and Sarah's work: the "currents" that shape pattern formations in nature, and our emotional landscape, in unexpected ways.  As Irmgard will tell us on the 17th, there is still so much that is unknown about how and why specific patterns form, much like the murky terrain of our emotional selves.

I'll also be performing Donnacha Dennehy's "Stainless Staining" and premiering a new work by David Ibbett.  Guest artist Sam Torres (heard in the video above, and, incidentally, my wonderful life partner) will perform his amazing work for saxophone and live electronics, which is not to be missed...

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